Genevieve L'Esperance, MCP, MCTS

Genevieve L’Esperance (MCTS, ACTRA, UDA ) is a 17 year old born in Montreal, Quebec. Not your typical girl, Gen is an articulate, sensible, accomplished teen with an energizing personality who has explored many different areas, from being a martial arts champion at the age of 4, to competitive running, basketball, guitar, piano and drums to writing, acting and community service. Gen got hooked on the idea of GEN INC when a discussion about technology among her peers showed her that girls are just not aware of the power and breadth of technology and the impact it can make on exciting career choices. Gen’s true desire for Gen INC spun from a technology community project her mom had discussed with her. The goal being to help girls (and boys) in underprivileged communities to change their lives and that of future generations.  An explorer and creative personality, Gen is often seen texting away while holding intense conversations in another direction; something that has become a bit of a sport in itself, but exemplifies the typical generation of youth that is growing up solely on technology and social networking.   Gen represents in every way the forward thinking, ambitious and compassionate girls of today’s generation.

Gen began Small Basic training in March 2010 under the guidance of Lynn Langit (Microsoft) and Llewellyn Falco.  It took no more than one session for her to get hooked on SB and now she can't wait to get to Washington to share this with you! Gen will also be participating as a Microsoft Student to Business delegate and as press at the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference July 11-15. Watch for her interviews on the GENINCTV Youtube Channel. You can catch her interview with legendary filmmaker James Cameron who was a keynote speaker at the Microsoft Imagine Cup in April 2010.

Gen can't wait to meet you and spend a fun filled morning showing you how quickly you too can master Small Basic!